EBI Enjoy Reading Your Book
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I like that the book is easy to read and follow. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to understand the simplicity of the Word and the way you explain everything. I love that the key verses are written in case you are not familiar with looking up Scriptures, it’s there for you. Also the “Think about it” sections allow you time to really think about AND APPLY what you are reading. It’s a great book to allow you to go deeper in your understanding of God, your relationship with Him, and to expound on becoming a better person for yourself.
AnonymousI Kept Reading It Over And Over
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I kept reading the first chapter (Bondages) over and over. Each time, the Lord showed me something else in my life that had become a bondage. So, I went back to read it again but this time, I was reading through different eyes. I continue seeing new things each time I read it. It’s really helping me see things I didn’t realize were there.
MASeeing So Much Mess Inside Of Me
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Wow, I’ve just read the first few chapters and already seeing so much mess inside of me. I’m going to keep reading it over and over until it’s all out. Thank you for this book; I really needed it.
DNThis Book Is A Must Read
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This book is a must read for every believer and nonbeliever. Ms. Neathery references many scriptures, so be assured it is biblical from beginning to end. Those who are in bondage to pride, control, condemnation, and so much more will devour this book time and time again. Don’t just read this once, but several times in order to receive the full understanding of your life changing forever, through the Word of God.
S.F. Wilson
S.F. WilsonI Am Very Excited To Recommend This Book!
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Vivian L. Miller does a spectacular job of arresting your attention at the very beginning of this book, and pulling you along the story line until you reach the conclusion. It is very difficult to put this book down. The characters are very realistic and the events are very true to life. The story pulls back the veil to the unseen realm and allows the reader to see how the visible and invisible worlds interact and affect each other. I highly recommend reading this book!
L. Allen
L. AllenA Great Read, Very Thought Provoking.
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A realistic view into the light and dark forces that surround us all. For those who are not versed in God’s Word, it gives insight into how the Lord provides and protects those who ask. For those of faith, it is another story of triumph. All and all, a very good book. Hard to put it down. 5 star rating.
Verified Amazon Customer
Verified Amazon CustomerIt's A Must Read!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I literally could not put the book down and finished it the same night I started it. The characters in the book are realistic. The story line is very good, with lots of interesting twists. I enjoyed seeing the weaving between the unseen and seen worlds, and gave good practical examples of conducting spiritual warfare. Highly recommend this book!
M. Wilson
M. WilsonIt Will Change Your Life!
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I was intrigued from the first chapter of this book. The fight between good and evil is evident at the end of each day on the evening news. This is a must read for all people from every walk of life! Every person with children should read and share the truths found within these pages!
Ruth D.
Ruth D.Every word meant something in this book
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When I first receives this book, it started with such great detail. Every word meant something in this book. As I continued to her more into the book and as the plot thickened, I couldn't and wouldn't put this book down. The wording created real images of the unseen spiritual realm. It is such that if one was to truly able see the daily workings and activities of spirits, one would be forced to submission to God's word. I enjoyed this book so much that I even recommended it to my close friends and family. My life was forever changed after reading this book because it showed how innocence can be forever lost once one ventures over to the dark side. The poor character in this book almost lost his life over the joy of spell-binding! Guys it's simple. The devil is the master liar. This book shows it all by a young boy being introduced to a video game. The author put her all into this book and it bought forth great insight. It has made me careful with what and who I introduce to my life. It's one of the best books I've read in a very long time. Go Vivian!
Jennifer L.
Jennifer L.The Time is Now
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This book is inspiring to those that are seeking better understanding of God’s love and adoration for you. The storyline is well thought out and allows the reader an opportunity to be inspired and question what has God instilled in me to be an instrument for his heavenly work.
TabedawnThe Best Book
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Probably the best book I have ever read aside from this author’s first book. I cannot give enough praise for this book.
Mary W.
Mary W.Always a good read
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I liked the story. It was inspiring and interesting.
TrenabearVery Well Written
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This book by Vivian L. Miller has inspired and empowered me to step up to a new level of authority in my life. It is not just a novel, it is a manual on how to Take Your Place in all areas of your life. I can’t wait to get started on her latest book just released "Nothing is Impossible"! I am honored to have the opportunity to buy it on the day it was released!
AnonymousWonderful reading experience that encouraged me in my own journey in life
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I highly recommend this author’s work. It is honest and strong in Christina faith without being presumptuous. The story line was engaging and the overall affect was inspiring. I look forward to more books by Vivian Miller.
Ellen B.
Ellen B.WOW!
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Wow! Seriously–I give it 5 Stars in my book. I literally couldn’t stop reading until I’d finished the book. A simple and yet outstanding presentation of the spirit realm and how to successfully walk in it. WHEN will the next book be out?! I simply must have more.
Denise B.
Denise B.Hard to put it down
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I’m with E Bishop on this one! It was hard to stop reading once you started! There were twists and turns and revelations of what goes on in everyday life–that we don’t usually think of as being a part of our world! Thanks, Vivian, for another winner! Denise B. It was very hard to put this book down once I started reading it; I would tell myself, “just one more chapter”–which led to several more chapters! Reading this book helped me to visualize and become more aware of the forces around us–forces unseen, but not unfelt! (I am awaiting a sequel, hoping to find out what happens to the “hussy” in the office in her life after this episode!!) If you want an easy-to-read and hard-to-put-down book, this should be your next choice!
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.Standing
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This story bring together the missing link between becoming a Christian and using tje words of authority that tje Grace of the Lord our God has made available to us. Grace makes and faith takes! Beautifully written!
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Great story and even better spiritual warfare revelation.... Keep them coming, Vivian. Awesome....
TabedawnLove this book
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Could not put it down! A real page turner. She really has true insight into the Word of God. I can't wait until the next one.
Mary Wilson
Mary WilsonEnlightening
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Very entertaining as well as full of spiritual awareness and teaching within the story. A must read for everyone!
VMVery helpful!
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This book clearly defined the difference between assignments, callings and purpose. I especially liked the way Cindy Neathery used both scriptures and personal experiences to better illustrate her points. Very helpful!

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