Rebecca Graber

About the Author:

Rebecca Borntrager Graber was born into an Amish family of ten children. Now having eight children and thirteen grandchildren of her own, her love for storytelling continues in her books.

Story telling by her father was a favorite part of her own childhood. It is her desire that her book series, “Stories with Mamaw” become a favorite part of a child in your life, as well. When children are read to from an early age by parents or grandparents, it develops a love for reading that will stay with them all their life.

“Stories with Mamaw” books will present stories about good morals and upright living. This new generation has access to so much information through a variety of electronic devices, it is increasingly difficult to filter what our children see and hear. It is Rebecca’s desire that her “Stories with Mamaw” series will make that a little easier for parents and grandparents.

While in the Amish community, Rebecca taught in the Amish parochial schools. Since leaving the Amish church, she has continued in her love for teaching and writing. She has taught women’s Bible study groups, Bible classes in local jails, and through correspondence with those in prison. Currently Rebecca and her husband, Lester, live near Fort Worth, Texas.


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