My Child, Walk With Me


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My Child, Walk With Me describes this determined work as a story of Kyle’s lifelong relationship with the Lord. Written from a desire to invest into the spiritual lives of her grandchildren and others, she relates the events of her life story on key topics that include faith, purpose, direction, healing, protection, peace, miracles, abundance, and being whole.

Kyle documents her life experiences from age six onward in terms of whether she made poor or wise choices, relaying what was learned about God and herself in each situation. Writing to the next generation, she cites an example from the beginning of time.

“God wants a relationship with you and me just like He had with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, before they were deceived. I want readers to know how special it is to be in God’s presence, to hear Him speak, to know truth and be set free. God – who is all knowing, everywhere at one time, most powerful, and Creator of all – wants to walk and talk with you because He loves you so much.” She adds, “Walking with God is exciting. He is not boring. Walking with Him is only a choice away.”

Knowing that God is a generational God, Kyle believes it’s only right to invest into future generations. Through walking with the Lord for over fifty-five years, she enjoys seeing heaven brought to earth and the natural turned into the supernatural. Come and see the amazing and be radically blessed!


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