Celebrating and Honoring Jesus


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Is Christmas just another holiday for you and your family? Do you find yourself doing the same things year after year? Then Celebrating and Honoring Jesus is the book for you. It can turn those dull Christmases into the holiday of the year. These are just some of the benefits that you will realize:

  • Children grow in creativity, in self-esteem, and in the knowledge of the Lord.
  • Family unity is nurtured.
  • You invest in future generations.
  • You share Jesus with others.
  • Jesus is honored – given first place – during His birthday celebration.

Celebrating and Honoring Jesus helps children discover the meanings behind different Christmas traditions: the Christmas tree, Santa, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” gifts, a birthday cake, and the candy cane. There are specific activities using talents, questions and answers, character traits, instruments, music, and dance. Let’s not forget the plays that allow you to meet Jed the donkey; three aliens, Tock, Orb, and Bob; the archangel Gabriel; and even Flik, the fly.

Celebrating and Honoring Jesus is a must for parents and grandparents. It provides ideas that create the proper setting for your Christmas get-togethers. You pass on your family traditions and memories from generation to generation. So which one of these activities are you going to choose this Christmas?


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