Lori J. O'Neil

About the Author:

Years ago the Lord asked me to write a blog. I didn’t know how to do that, but agreed. Within two days someone approached me who initiated a conversation about a blog. From that conversation, I learned how to begin. He filled my blog with messages, which come through my spirit, not my head. I don’t think when I am writing and I can’t really explain it, but they just pour through me as He speaks; and writing as fast as I can, if I begin to think, I stop and pray. A message is given in five or ten minutes and the thoughts of His heart never cease to amaze me—they are fresh bread.

He asked me to write a book in the fall of 2014. I agreed, but didn’t know that I would soon be battling for my husband’s life. So, it was four and a half years later, that my first book was birthed. Launched from three miracles experienced in Israel; the Lord having made it very clear, that He was with me, and it was time. It is my desire that each of the books He has given me to write will be the blessing that He intends for you.

We must first be refined, and out of the fire—a vessel for the Master’s use. It is not our honor we seek, but the Honor of the One who made us! He builds into each person, a vessel to pour, but it is of Him that we pour.

These books are all Him, and yet He made them all about YOU. It is for you He speaks, into your process of becoming—a vessel of honor!


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