Doug George

About the Author:

As you will see in his first book, “Don’t Give Up”, Doug tells his life story before coming to know Bible truths and Jesus. This testimony about God’s goodness and mercy sets the stage for his life and ministry.

Doug George helped start a church in 2007. He was ordained in 2010 through a ministry in Branson, MO. His prison ministry, called DGU (Don’t Give Up) Ministries, was started in 2015. The first class at the Hobby Prison Unit was called “Journey of Faith” designed to help build the faith of those who were attending the class. The second class is called “New Beginnings”. This is a re-entry program to help inmates identify what they will be facing the first 6 months upon their release.

He is currently enrolled in the charter class of Kenneth Copeland Bible College (KCBC). After the 2020 graduation of KCBC, Doug believes he and his wife will see the birth of Papa’s House, a re-entry home for women coming out of prison.

Doug and his wife minister together as a husband/wife team. They have gone into hospitals to minister to the sick, presided over funerals, fed the homeless, seen people healed of cancers, raised from the dead, and families restored. They teach from the perspective of how easy it is to receive salvation and other promises from the Lord.

He believes this book and the ones to come will give him opportunities to speak to groups as never before, speaking to them about restoration.


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